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Brad's Pottery, Glassware, & Ceramics 

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Welcome to my shop your Colorado Western Slope connection to vintage collectibles and antiques. Almost everyone collects something and everything is collectible. You will find Vintage and Antiques items that cover a wide range of items such as. Art Glass, Pottery, Home Décor, Fine art painting and prints, Stemware, Porcelain, Dishes, Figurines, Artifact from all over the world and much more. Adding new items every day! I have been selling online since 2014 and have found it to be the most rewarding occupation I ever had. I have a Ebay store and it is a 100%  above standard store, also have a large store on ETSY with over 880 sales without have one complaint. My Goal is to become a household name when you think Vintage Think Brads Collectibles. And to keep making friend all over the world the best part and do everything I can to keep all customers happy. 

I’ve spent most of life in Silverton Co. Graduated high school as a junior with class of 6. I am the meaning of “Mountain Man”. Lived in Co. my whole life. After many years working as a mechanic for large factories and hobbies were hunting and fly fishing. I have always loved hunting for treasure that have a story to tell.

I have learned a lot over the years and am still learning. So now I spend my time trying to find and take items out of the box and put them back where they belong with someone who cares.
If I put a maker or name on a item it’s because I have researched it and believe that is what I say. Not saying never wrong just that not often. I have sold local for many years am now focusing on online sales and am loving it.
I have made countless new friend and many more to come .​​

With just $14 in pocket, I began finding treasures in many various places, while making friends along the way. I have a wide selection of glass, vintage items, and ancient artifacts that I'm happy to sell to collectors and people looking for special gifts, at honest fair prices.

Here at Brads Collections, I do not focus on just one specific type of item. I search far and wide to find interesting pieces that capture my interest and has that undeniable charm and style. I just know when something is special and I make an effort to learn more about its roots and its story. People love interesting items with a story to tell, and here at Brads Collections - these are the types of items we have on offer!,